Tomorrow my life is about to change.

        Last year I lost myself in the music. I lost two close friends who were brothers to my pride, envy and bitterness. I haven't spoke to them since. I lost my identity. I was creating music for the sake of creating music. I was fighting with friends and family about where I want to be. I was musically drained because I was always told that my ideas were "too abstract" or that I need to "be realistic" when it came to my craft. It was so hard to pretend that I wasn't being engulfed by fear. I still have a hard time forgiving myself. I personally hate every song I've ever released that goes for both the complete "A Consumer's Mind" and "Overthink". I know I can do better, but those are examples of me settling. I lived and I've learned from those experiences. I'm grateful that I had those songs in my developing stage and not right now. R.I.P to my persona as K.O. he's dead and gone, and now my love for being myself, being Kassim is here to stay. 

         2015 has been the best year for me musically, 20NVR is alive and thriving, I now work with an orchestra. Meeting Marcus Moody and The Hip hop Orchestra is honestly one of God's greatest sices in my life. I feel like prior to meeting them, God and I were playing a game of UNO and every time I wanted to say "UNO!" and win the game he'd make me Draw +4 cards. However, now I feel like he allowed me to win at least one game of UNO. That one game of UNO led to me meeting Box Era and Brendan Cannon. All of these creatives are now by my side keeping me focused and helping me keep my head up when the music industry seems too hard to tap into. From performing at a charity event in June, I've met Steven Padilla who is my engineer, craziest thing ever is that I'm now recording my album!!!! It's so exciting to have everyone here. Terrance has been the dopest graphic designer I can ask for. Brotherhood WHAT'S MOTHERFUCKING GOOD?!? You guys helped me out with branding and creating Peter Sparker. CJ the Genesis is easily one of the best artist I know. When we were shooting the cover art for Peter Sparker we broke out to singing his song A-OK! That was the song that allowed us to meet we were competing for a spot at Howard University's homecoming and he used that song to compete with me and I used Dreams of Triumph

      It's crazy how many new fans I've made this past year. It's even crazier how many true supporters I've made this past year. I've lost myself at least five times but I found an even better version of me the sixth time. Tomorrow my life is about to change because tomorrow will be the first time that you all will see who I am as an artist. Last week a lovely friend by the name of Elise asked me about my life plans and about the drastic changes I plan on making with my time in this world and I told her that I plan on "chasing my dreams until death cripples me." Tomorrow I will be living by that. 

       All I can ask is that when you hear Peter Sparker, and if you actually love it as much as I do then share it with at least 3 people. That's all I ask for, if you know blog writers or anyone in the industry share it with them! You don't understand how much your support drives me and my team to continue to grow. We need all the support you can give. We're just young creatives from Maryland trying to stay as youthful as possible.  Tomorrow is going to be HUGE, I've been working and waiting for this moment for 21 years now, I'm going to make it. Mark my word, my art is going to live forever. 

-So Youthful.