Maryland native, rapper, creative director, and lyricist, Kassim,  is a sound example of history favoring the bold. Born to Nigerian immigrant parents on February 6th, 1994, Kassim grew up in a strict, Christian, household and was not allowed to listen to anything other than gospel music. His first exposure to rap music was listening to Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks,” as he was able to disguise it as a gospel song to his mother. He obsessed over the rhymes and flow of the song and soon found himself poring over the entirety of The College Dropout

He first realized that he had not only a love, but a gift for rapping at about 14-years-old when his uncle forced him to freestyle over “Stronger” as they drank. To both of their surprise, he spit with charisma and conviction, leading them to believe that his future lied in hip-hop as opposed to any other field. In high school, Kassim, experimented with poetry and organized cyphers with his friends every other Friday, which garnered much attention and respect from his peers. His first venture into recording, was making covers to Drake's “Fireworks” and B.o.B's “Airplanes” and when he was told by a friend that his music was able to help him do away with his suicidal thoughts, it was clear that he had a greater musical purpose than he’d foreseen. 

Upon enrolling at Towson University, Kassim has taken the DMV area by storm with the release of his first mixtape A Consumers Mind in 2013 and various performances including Bring the Noise, a battle of the bands competition that he won and earned a two consecutive sets at Towson University’s Annual Tigerfest concert. 


Kassim is currently working on his first studio mixtape under the 20NVR collective and building up his love of himself, his music and artistry.


Kassim is going to change the world with his music.

- Sey Elle Anikulapo